ilern is a growing team of teachers from all over the world, passionate about teaching all kind of subjects, from yoga to astrophysics.

The founders of ilern have been in the education industry for over two decades.

They have been running and managing traditional English preparatory schools, Brockhurst and Marlston House Schools, www.brockmarl.org.uk.

As well as the British Learning Academy, an English school for foreign students, www.britishlearningacademy.org.

The increased demand for online courses by foreign students, combined with the improved technology for videoconferencing, persuaded the founders to explore and invest in better ways of delivering top quality online lessons.

The idea behind the project was to help students catch up on class subjects, and integrate overseas students in live classes with their peers in the UK.

This effort was extremely beneficial to students, and turned out to be an incredible intuition in the light of the Covid 19 pandemic.

The students of Brockhurst and Marlston House Schools made a seamless transition from attending classes at school to studying from home unaided, completing the year’s Syllabus ahead of time. 

The Ilern project brings all the experience gained by the team involved in the online transformation of the conventional schools, onto a dedicated platform where students can find the best match for their learning needs


ilern believes that the best teachers are not always found in schools.

Our inspiring tutors are passionate about teaching and tailor their lessons to each individual’s learning requirements. 

ilern also adopts the latest technology so that teaching can be fun and comprehensive, and students can learn

anything, anytime, anywhere.  


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At ilern we're passionate about knowledge transfer; from anyone who has it to anyone who wants it.

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ilern believes in the power of knowledge. Our culture is diverse, inclusive, and committed to personal and professional development.