Teachers Online Etiquette


Be Respectful. Respect the values and traditions of your students and treat them equally. Avoid topics that might upset students since they come from different backgrounds (f.i. politics, religion)

Be Professional. Always remember to maintain a high level of professionalism. Be careful with humour and sarcasm and aware of strong language. Always be patient and polite.

Be supportive and forgiving. Since students come from different backgrounds and have different learning abilities, it is important to be supportive and forgiving. Make every effort to help them through their learning difficulties and try and boost their level of confidence.

Be active. Be prompt in replying to all student questions, messages and lesson requests. Actively manage your profile, updating your calendar to accurately reflect your availability and try to minimise rescheduling, cancelling and declining lesson requests.

Recording quality. Use a platform that can blur out your background, or have a quiet and neutral backdrop for your live sessions – e.g. a plain wall. Avoid having sensitive documents lying around that may be visible when broadcasting/pre-recording. Make sure you have a stable internet connection, and a properly working camera and microphone. Students should be able to rely on the quality of your broadcast/pre-recording.

Be present. Be available to teach during the entire booked lesson time. ilern expects that teachers will responsibly attend lessons at the scheduled time. Students appreciate teachers who can help them maintain a reliable and consistent study schedule.

What you should NEVER do

ilern reserves the right to deactivate teachers’ accounts and remove them from the system, should they engage in any of these activities;